Zoid Z-1000 Clip-On Tuner by Sabine

Zoid Z-1000 Clip-On Tuner by Sabine
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Oud Accessories. 1 lbs. Made by Sabine.

Zoid Z-1000 Clip-On Tuner by Sabine. All the convenience of a clip-on tuner, but this one has that rock-solid Sabine tuning algorithm. Just clip it on to your instrument, and the Zoid instantly displays the note you play. The bright two-color LCD and the high-resolution needle combine to tell you exactly where your note is, and the LCD fires bright green when you are in-tune.Tune with the clip that transfers the note directly to the tuner – great for noisy rooms. Or tune with the built-in mic if you want to share the tuner.Sabine’s well-known accuracy gives you confidence in your tuning, and the Zoid lets you tune amazingly fast. This is not a toy – this is a truly professional instrument tuner, backed by Sabine’s two-year warranty and unmatched customer service. Automatic note sensing Chromatic Clip mode: Senses notes through the clip

Mic mode: Senses notes with built-in mic

LCD with simulated needle display, +/- 50 cents

Flat tune mode, up to four steps

Two-color LCD –

bright green for in-tune, red for sharp or flat

Manual calibration, 433 – 447 Hz

Big note indicator

Auto-shutoff after 3 minutes with no signal

6 Octave tuning range (A0-B7) . the clip will open about 1 inch

Product Reviews on Zoid Z-1000 Tuner

Sabine’s Zoid Z-1000 tuner is a tuner that provides users with fast and accurate tuning. It has tuning two tuning modes: clip mode and mic mode. With clip mode, the clamp of the tuner senses the notes vibration. And with mic mode, the tuner’s built-in mic senses the sound of the instrument. It features a digital needle type LCD display that is very bright and provides users with excellent visibility. The LCD display also has two bright colors that help indicate whether or not your already in tune. The green light indicates that your in-tune and the red light indicates a sharp or flat.

Most users find the Zoid Z-1000 easy-to read, accurate and quick. This is a wonderful product and is worth every penny you spend for it. It is a versatile tuner that can be used for rehearsals, jam sessions or home practice. Many recommend the use of Zoid Z-1000.

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