Seiko SAT-500 Tuner

Seiko Tuner SAT-500
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The SAT-500 tuner from Seiko uses an LCD needle display and LED guidelights. Auto and manual modes, wide tuning range, 12 pitch reference notes, calibrates to A-415 and A-435?A-446, key transposition. Input and output jacks, auto power-off after twenty minutes. Two AAA batteries included.

Product Reviews on Seiko SAT-500 Tuner

The Seiko SAT-500 is a chromatic tuner designed to tune instruments such as guitars and violins. It has 3 basic modes: the auto-mode, the manual mode and the sound mode. In auto-mode, it  automatically indicates the note that you input. In manual, the tuner indicates if the input note is lower or higher than the set note. In sound mode, the tuner tunes the instrument on the basis of the reference note the tuner produces. This modes help provide an easier operation and functionality.

The tuner contains 12 pitch reference notes giving it a very wide tuning range. It uses two triple A batteries which is very accessible. It has a built in microphone, a built in speaker, LCD needle type display, LED guide lights and a slit stand.

Many people have found the Seiko SAT-500 tuner very useful in tuning instruments. Some even used it as a tool for making in-tune flutes. This tuner can definitely support your tuning needs.

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