Seiko STX1 Chromatic Clip On Tuner

Seiko STX1 Vibration Sensing Chromatic Tuner
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Instrument Tuner. Made by Seiko.

The incredibly versatile STX1 tuner clips onto your guitar headstock, violin bridge, or other instrument part and senses string vibration for highly accurate tuning. Its clip-on function and wide tuning range make it useful for almost any instrument!


  • Wide Tuning Range for all instruments, including Bass Guitars & Drop Tunings
  • 12 pitch reference notes (C4-B4)
  • Adjustable Calibration (415, 438-445hz in 1hz increments)
  • Built-in Mic
  • Auto Power-Off after 20 minutes with Memory Back-up
  • Lithium Battery included

Product Reviews on Seiko STX1 Tuner

The Seiko STX1 Tuner is a revolutionary tuner that clip style tuner that picks up vibration directly from the musical instrument. This is made possible by the built in vibration sensor that also enables this tuner to provide accurate tuning. This tuner also has a flexible face design, 9 LED metering and selectable input modes. This features allows for accurate tuning in a variety of scenarios. Seiko STX1 is a very versatile tuner.

The Seiko STX1 tuner provides a tighter grip compared to most clip on tuners. If you are a simple beginner or a part time guitarist, you might not demand this kind of tuner. The price is certainly something to consider. But for serious musicians and for those that simply demand quality, then the Seiko STX1 clip on tuner is a good choice.

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