Seiko ST737 Automatic Guitar and Bass Tuner

Seiko ST737 Automatic Guitar and Bass Tuner
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Mode – Chromatic tuner; Auto Mode; Manual Mode
Displays (1) Liquid crystal display
(2) Tuning guides
Tuning Range – A0 (27.5 Hz) – CB (4186.0 Hz)
Accuracy – + or – 1 percent
Reference pitch range – 435 Hz – 446 Hz (at 1 Hz steps)
Bypass function – The signal from the input jack is sent from the output jack even when the power is turned off
Power Supply – DC 9V battery.
Terminals – Input jack, Output jack.

Product Reviews on Seiko ST737

The Seiko ST737 is a very good guitar and bass tuner. This tuner has two modes: automatic and manual. When set to automatic, it gives you the note of the string being played. When set to manual, the tuner will tune your guitar or bass to the note that you specified. Seiko ST737 is a dual display tuner. It displays in manual and also in digital. The tuner has two leads above which helps you determine the pitch of the note your playing. The leads also provide a quick and accurate tuning.

Seiko ST737  guitar and bass tuner is very advantageous in terms of portability and cost. It can fit into your pocket and it’s cheaper compared to other tuners. To add to that, it only requires two triple A batteries, which are easily accessible.

The Seiko ST737 guitar tuner has it all. It’s portable, it’s cheap and it tunes your guitar or bass very well.

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