Seiko Guitar Tuners

Seiko Guitar TunersSeiko manufactures a wide variety of  chromatic tuners designed mainly for use with guitars; Seiko guitar tuners can be used for electric guitars, acoustic guitars and other types of instruments. Most of Seiko’s tuners offer multiple methods of tuning your instrument and provides high tuning accuracy.

In our view, when you are looking for a digital guitar tuner, you have to consider how you are going to be using it. The Seiko ST737 for instance, we recommend this pocket-sized, auto or manual tuner for dedicated guitar and bass players. You may also consider looking at Seiko guitar and bass tuner. This tuner can accommodate 6,7, 12 string guitars and has extended bass ranges and modern drop tunings. If you likely to tune in a noisy environments, then Seiko STX1 is for you. This tuner doesn’t depend on the instruments sound. This clip style tuner has a built-in vibration sensor that picks up the instruments vibration instead of relying on its sound.

For an overall versatile tuner, we recommend Seiko SAT-500. This tuner contains 12 pitch reference notes providing users with a very wide tuning range.

Popular Seiko guitar tuners include: