Seiko Guitar Bass Tuner

Seiko SAT101 Guitar/Bass Tuner
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Guitar & bass tuner

Product Reviews on Seiko SAT101 Guitar Bass Tuner

The Seiko SAT101 Guitar Bass tuner offers a very high accurate tuning. It has a large clear LCD, ultra bright LED’s, and intuitive layout for easy operation and good visibility. It features a built in microphone and 1/4″ input/output jack. This tuner supports a wide tuning range. It can accommodate 6, 7, 12 string instruments and has extended bass ranges and modern drop tunings.

This tuner also features auto-tuning, manual-tuning and sound mode which help for easier operation. It has an auto power-off function that help conserve the power supply and a memory back up.

Seiko SAT101 Guitar Bass Tuner is a stunning guitar and bass tuner with sound reference and digital cent indication. This is a very quality tuner at a very affordable price.

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