Sabine Zoid Z-2000 Clip-On Tuner

Sabine AX-2000W Contact AutoTuner - Guitar Mount Chromatic Tuner
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Zoid Clip-On Tuner Band & Orchestra

Product Reviews on Sabine Zoid Z-2000 Tuner

The Sabine Zoid Z-2000 is a tuner designed for all band and orchestra instruments. It offers users a professional tuning gadget that provides a high -level of accuracy. It can tune through clip-on or via its built-in microphone. Using clip-on, the tuner picks up the instruments vibration and the zoid instantly displays the note you play. In using the built-in mic, the tuner relies on the instruments sound and it allows you to share your tuner to others. This tuner has a bright 2-color LCD and a high resolution needle that comdine to tell you exactly where your note is, and the LCD fires green when you are already in tune.

Sabine’s Zoyd Z-2000 gives you confidence in your tuning because sabine’s products are well known for the accuracy it can provide. And with Zoid Z-2000, tuning your instrument is fast and easy.

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