Sabine NexTune-12Z Chromatic Tuner with Tone Generator

Sabine NexTune-12Z Chromatic Tuner with Tone Generator
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Both NexTune models include a built-in tone generator for tuning or ear training, and an instrument input as well as a built-in microphone for acoustic tuning. Two simultaneous tuning displays are available: the extra-big LCD with its simulated needle display, or a three-color LED display. Both tuning indicators clearly show how sharp or flat you are, and both give you instant indication when you are in-tune.The NexTune 6z has both Guitar and Bass modes, and the bass mode allows for tuning 5-string basses. The NexTune 12z is fully chromatic and is perfect for most string and wind instruments. Great for beginners or professionals, both NexTunes include Manual calibration from 438 to 443 Hz, and both come with Sabine’s two-year warranty and free batteries.

Product Reviews on Sabine NexTune-12z

The Sabine NexTune-12Z is a perfect tuner for most string and winged instruments. It has a bug note indicator that offers users with excellent visibility. It also features a tone generator for tuning and ear training. This tuner has an input for electric instruments and a built-in microphone for acoustic instruments. This tuner also has separate modes for guitar and bass that gives users easier functionality. Sabine’s NexTune-12z has two tuning displays: the big LCD with its simulated needle display and the three-color LED display. Both of which help indicate whether you’re in tune or not.

Most users of the NexTune-12z are happy with this tuner’s performance. This decent piece is sold at a very affordable price. Sabine’s NexTune-12z is great for beginners and professionals alike.

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