Sabine MT9000 MetroTune Chromatic Tuner and Metronome (LCD)

Sabine MT9000 MetroTune Chromatic Tuner and Metronome (LCD)
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Slim, compact design, just 4” wide

Product Reviews on Sabine MT9000

The Sabine MT9000 combines three of your most important accessories into one compact package. It is a chromatic tuner that has an LCD simulated needle display. It features a built-in microphone for acoustic instruments and 1/4″ jack for electric instruments. The LCD display has a big note indicator that provides users with excellent visibility. It also functions as a metronome that has a sweeping pendulum display and 2-color LED display. This tuner has a reference tone generator which is perfect for tuning and ear training.

Many users of the Sabine MT9000 are very pleased with the tuners performance. Some even use it for vocal training. The features of this metronome are very useful. Though some have problems with its volume, it is still recommended by many because of the other great features that this tuner possess. The Sabine MT9000 is a tuner is a decent tuner that worth its price.

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