Sabine Guitar Tuners

Sabine Guitar TunersSabine manufactures professional audio equipment and musical instrument accessories including a complete line of tuners; Sabine guitar tuners are well known for their accuracy, this give you confidence in your tuning. Sabine offers a great line of guitar tuners, as you can see in the product line up below.

In our view, when you are looking for the right digital tuner for your needs, you really need to consider how you are going to be using it. The Sabine MT900o for instance, it works well for both acoustic and electric guitars. It also functions as a metronome and has excellent visibility. If you do most of your tuning in noisy environments, then we recommend the Zoid Z-1000. This clip-on tuner relies on the instruments vibration instead of its sound. Another clip-on tuner you might want to take a look at is the Zoid Z-3000. It has all the convenience of a clip-on tuner, but this one has that rock-solid sabine tuning algorithm.

For a tuner that is perfect for string and wind instruments, then Sabine NexTune-12z might just be what you are looking for.

Popular Sabine guitar tuners include: