Sabine Chromatic Tuner, MT9000

Sabine MT9000 Chromatic Metronome/Tuner
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Product Reviews on Sabine MT9000

The Sabine MT9000 is a compact size tuner that has a big LCD display and a built-in folding stand. It also features a 1/4″ input jack for electric instruments and a built-in microphone for acoustic instruments. This tuner has a tone generator for tuning or ear training and also functions as a metronome. With this tuner, you can tune much more than just a guitar. It also works great with other instruments.

People find the Sabine MT9000 not only as a great tuner but also as a very good metronome. This tuner is good for beginners and professionals alike. Because of the amazing features that the Sabine MT9000 have, it is sold at a very reasonable price.

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