Qwik Time QT5 Credit Card Metronome

Qwik Time QT-5 Metronome
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Product Description

A Metronome the size of a Credit Card! The QT5 operates in 2/4, 3/4 or 4/4 rhythms. The display screen also utilizes a bouncing ball for visualizing each rhythm. With accent beats, and over 200 speeds from 40 BPM to 250 BPM. The SOUND button mutes the speaker.Always turn off the speaker when metronome is not in use to save battery life.The LCD stays on continuously(this does not harm battery life)

Product Reviews on Qwik Time QT5

The Qwik Time QT5 is a credit card sized tuner that features over 200 tempo settings.  Tempos can be chosen from 40 to 250 in one beat increments. The sound is a beep that can be turned off while the display shows the tempo. It also features a distinctive click sound, A440 tuning tone, and a low battery indicator. With this pocket sized tuner, you can tune anywhere at any time.

Qwik Time QT5 is a metronome that works, keeps a beat, but doesn’t give you  very many options. It has three time signatures 2/4,  3/4, and 4/4 and you can’t completely turn it off. This tuner takes up little space and keeps a good beat. If you are a middle school or a high school music student, then the Qwik Time QT5 is just right for you. If you a professional musician, i suggest you invest on something that can offer you more tuning options.

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