Qwik Time QT-3 Quartz Metronome

Qwik Time QT3 Metronome
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Qwik Time Metronome

Product Reviews on Qwik Time QT-3 Tuner

The Qwik Time QT-3 tuner is one of Qwik Time’s best selling metronomes and is arguably one of the best metronomes in the industry sold at an amazingly low price.  This metronome features a speaker that projects clear clicks that cut through the music. It also features over 200 speed settings (40-250BPM), A440 tone for tuning,  and an earphone jack. This tuner definitely gets the job done.

One particular disadvantage of the Qwik Tune QT-3 tuner that most users complained about, is that the tuner has no volume control. However, this problem can be compensated if you use headphones. The phrase “you get what you pay for”, applies to this tuner. It is very affordable. For a beginner with simple tuning needs, the Qwik Time QT-3 Quartz Metronome may just be what you are looking for.

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