Planet Waves CTM Chordmaster Tuner Metronome

Planet Waves CTM Chordmaster Tuner Metronome
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The Planet Waves C.T.M. takes the highly successful Chordmaster and adds to it a chromatic tuner and metronome. The Chrordmaster section provides you with the most comprehensive library of over 7000 chords all in the palm of your hand. Backlit LCD screen helps you to find any chord simply and quickly, and the unit fits easily in guitar case. The C.T.M. even has a “lefty mode” for those often ignored left handed guitarists. Combining this with a fully-chromatic tuner and Metronome makes the C.T.M. your all in one essential practice and reference tool.

Product Reviews on Planet Waves CTM Chordmaster Tuner Mentronome

Planet waves CTM is one of the best tuning gadgets in the market. This killer device has a built in chromatic tuner and a metronome which normally require two separate devices. Now, you have two gadgets at a price of one. How’s that for versatility?

CTM’s heart is the chordmaster. It holds more than 7,000 chord variations all in the palm of your hands. It has this LCD display that is clearly laid out with a grid fretboard in the center. The display basically tells you everything you need to now about the chord (note names, fret position etc.)

Planet waves CTM can definitely supply your tuning needs. It has the chordmaster, a chromatic tuner, and a metronome. It is a 3 in 1, pocket sized tuner. With the CTM, accurate tuning is fast and easy.

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