Planet Waves CT-02 Multi-Function Chromatic Tuner

D'Addario Planet Waves Multi-Function Instrument Tuner
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Tune any instrument, any way you want! The Planet Waves Multi-Function Tuner can tune any way circumstances and your instrument dictate. This Planet Waves tuner boasts a 1/4″ I/O, a sensitive condenser mic, plus a bracket/clip with piezo sensor that allows it to be hung from sound holes or clipped to bridges and headstocks. Choose from 2 modes and calibrate between A435 and A445. In Strobe mode, the played note appears in green on the tuner’s rotary display while red LEDs chase clockwise if you’re sharp and counter-clockwise if you’re flat. They slow down and finally stop as you nail the pitch. In Sweep mode, the LEDS sweep left or right indicating whether you’re flat or sharp. One-button operation makes toggling between modes easy and the large display is easily legible even when stage lights are dimmed.

Product Reviews on Planet Waves CT-02 Multi-Function Chromatic Tuner

Planet waves CT-02 tuner is a multi-function chromatic tuner that allows you to tune any instrument with satisfactory accuracy. It has features like a built-in piezo sensor and a one button operation, which enables you to toggles through modes easily. The tuner has this unique patent pending rotary user interface which allows this unit to operate in sweep and strobe modes.

The Planet Waves CT-02 tuner doesn’t carry with it as many features that other tuners can provide. Although it can give off a decent tuning, it accuracy level isn’t as high compared to the leading tuners. However, if you are looking for a tuner that looks cool and easy to use, this unit may just be the thing for you. The Planet waves CT-02 tuner can still provide your tuning needs.

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