Pitch Pocket Tuners KT-2 Key Ring Pick Tuner

Pitch Pocket Tuners KT-2 Key Ring Pick Tuner
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Key Ring Pick Tuner

Product Reviews on Pitch Pocket Tuners KT-2

The pitch pocket key ring tuner is a very handy tuner. Its small, slick profile fits easily into your pocket. It may not have as many features compared to other tuners, but it can still provide a very decent tuning.

This tuner works for many types of stringed instruments like acoustic guitars and bass. It has a bright LCD which offers a very visible display. The red lights helps indicate for flat/sharp notes. It is fully automatic chromatic tuner ans it uses CR2032 battery as a power supply.

The Pitch pocket key ring tuner can be a very good everyday tuner. Its small size makes it very convenient to carry around. Place it in you pocket, and you can tune any guitar, anywhere, anytime.

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