Pitch Pocket Tuners HST Clip-On Tuner

Pitch Pocket Tuners HST Clip-On Tuner
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Morgan Pitch Pocket Tuner w/ Full Color Display

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The Pitch Pocket HST tuner is very easy to use, simply clip it and tune it. It works for a variety of instruments like guitars, bass, violins and other acoustic instruments. It also offers users with multiple tuning modes like chromatic, guitar, bass and violin modes. This compact size tuner has a 360  degree rotating display which provides users with viewing convenience. Plus, this tuner is fairly accurate.

Most of the users of Picth Pocket HST tuner are satisfied with the tuners performance. Some find this tuner to be very effective for tuning their Ukulele. This tuner can be used by both experts and beginners alike . Another good thing about this tuner is that it ‘s very small making it convenient to carry around. Many people highly recommend the Pitch Pocket HST tuner.

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