Pitch Pocket Guitar Tuners

Pitch Pocket Guitar TunersPitch Pocket guitar tuners are the most affordable and accurate guitar tuners in the industry. Pitch Pocket is a line of digital guitar tuners manufactured by Morgan Hill music. The tuners produced by Pitch Pocket sums up the phrase “affordable accuracy”. Their tuners are made durable with a back light display for low light situations.

Tuning your guitar is essential to playing and preforming correctly, to get the most out of your instrument, we recommend the Pitch Pocket CM-1 chromatic tuner. This tuner can accurately tune your guitar even in situations where background noise make it difficult to use other tuning methods. If you seek convenience, we recommend the Pitch Pocket HST tuner. Simply clip it and tune it. This easy-to-use and highly accurate tuner is a great value at far less the price than models with comparable features. If you’re looking for something thats very handy, we recommend the Pitch Pocket Tuners KT-2 key ring pick tuner. Its small, slick profile fits easily into your pocket.

If you are looking for a tuner thats affordable but still provides quality tuning, then Pitch Pocket guitar tuners may just be what you are looking for.

Popular Pitch Pocket guitar tuners include: