Online Guitar Tuner

Are you looking for an online guitar tuner? If you are reading this then you are on the right track. Online guitar tuners are usually for free(like this one). However, it is only applicable for tuning by ear. It doesn’t give you other functions, like a clip-on tuners vibration sensor, that real guitar tuners possess. When using an online guitar tuner, being in a quite environment is a must. But, it does give you the luxury of not having to spend any money on buying tuners that you are not even sure you’ll like.

If you don’t have a guitar tuner or anything like it, try this online guitar tuner. This particular online guitar tuner offers the standard tuning pattern, EADGBE.

In tuning your guitar, first thing you got to do is figure out what key you are playing and what notes are involved in it. The standard tuning for example, the note involved are stated above. This online  guitar tuner provides the note sound corresponding to each string. The first string of standard tuning  is note E. Through tuning by ear, this online guitar tuner will provide a sound that will be the basis of the note that you have to copy for your guitar. You will then have to adjust the tension of the string so that it will sound just like the one provided by the online guitar tuner. Do this to all the other strings are you’ll be able to tune your guitar to standard tuning.

Using an online guitar tuner requires one to be very sensitive to sound. Ideally, it is better to use a real guitar tuner than this one. But, if you have very good hearing, an online guitar tuner is not a bad tool to use to tune your guitar. It also saves you the money of buying a real electric guitar tuner.

Guitar Tuner courtesy of the folks at Wimpy Player

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