On Stage GTA7600 Chromatic Guitar/Bass Tuner 48642

On Stage GTA7600 Chromatic Guitar Or Bass Tuner Guitar Tuner
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The GTA7600 is a chromatic tuner dedicated for guitar/bass tuning. It has a built in microphone which is suitable for tuning acoustic instruments. This tuner has features that will support your basic tuning needs. It has an LCD meter type display that indicates precision tuning in cents. It also has a decent tuning range and can be used for on stage performances.

The GTA7600 is a tuner that can do the job but not quite as well as the leading brands. IT is an ultra-compact device packed with features such as high precision LCD and a comprehensive interface. For people who just want to have their instruments tuned in a good accuracy level, this is not such a bad tuner to use.

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