Korg OT-120 Wide 8 Octave Chromatic Orchestral Tuner

Korg OT-120 Orchestral Tuner
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The Korg OT-120 chromatic meter-type tuner specifically addresses the needs of the orchestral musician. The OT-120 also includes those “nice touches” born of actual experience in the orchestra pit with features such as a durable, soft case with belt clip to you put your tuner where it will be easily accessible, instead of sitting in your case or on the floor. TH OT-120 also includes a tilt-back stand. Built-in. The angle is ideally suited for playing while standing so the tune is visible. The Korg OT-120 also incorporates a louder speaker in its space-saving new design that makes it simple to hear and hold, while providing better viewing angles. Another component of the OT-120′s new casing is a sleek aluminum panel, offering killer looks and more durability for years of reliable travel and use. One last important physical feature before we discuss the functional side of the OT-120, is the placement of the in and out jacks on opposite sides of the OT-120 fir better balance on desktop, amp, instrument case, music stand etc.

Product Reviews on Korg OT-120 Tuner

The Korg OT-120 is a chromatic tuner with a wide 8 octave detection range that supports band and orchestra instruments. This tuner is intended for orchestral instruments, packing precise performance and sophisticated functionality in a vertical design that is easy to hold and operate. This band and orchestral tuner uses high precision needle type meter to accurately indicate any pitch discrepancy.

The Korg OT-120 response is very fast and it provides a very decent accuracy level. One person even said that it helped him tune his 47 stringed harp in just 15 minutes. How’s that for speed? This tuner works on many instruments including  acoustic bass, flute, sax, and banjo. Overall it is a pretty good tuner for its price and many users highly recommend this gadget.

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