Korg LCA-120 Focus Tune Chromatic Tuner with Large Backlit LCD

Korg LCA 120 Focus Tune Chromatic Tuner with Large Backlit LCD
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The Korg LCA120 digital chromatic tuner works great for both rehearsal and the stage. The LCA120 features an extra large backlit LCD display for excellent visibility. The focus tune function gives you even more accurate tuning within +/-10 cents. The Korg LCA120 will even allow you to specify the tuning pitch for each note making this tuner easily customizable.

Product Reviews on Korg LCA-120

The Korg LCA-120 focus tune is a chromatic tuner with a large back-lit LCD, which provides the users with excellent visibility. The large LCD makes this tuner great for on stage performance. The display also contains convenient tuning functions for accurate tuning. The function buttons are arranged with plenty of space for easy and comfortable operation.

Korgs’ LCA-120 has a focus tune mode that allows a more precise tuning within the range of +/-10 cent. This tuner also gives you the option to program your own temperament. Simply specify the desired pitch for each of the eighty-eight notes from A0 to C8, and recall a frequently used temperament at a touch.

Many people were satisfied with what the Korg LCA-120 tuner can provide. Some find it work perfectly for piano tuning. This small and adjustable tuner is very useful and does a descent job of providing your tuning needs. Although it is not as accurate as the other leading tuners, nevertheless it works.

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