Korg GT-120 Needle VU Chromatic Guitar and Bass Tuner

Korg GT120 Chromatic Guitar and Bass Tuner
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The Korg GT120 is a guitar and bass tuner that combines the accuracy of needle-type meters with superior functionality and a new, easy-to-use design. The needle-type meter that has enjoyed enduring popularity for its clear visibility and stable detection is now available in a handy size, with the meter located at the top of a sleek black aluminum body. The backlit LCD screen also shows the calibration setting, flat mode, note name, and the remaining battery life. Flat (b) and sharp (#) LEDs light to indicate pitch drift or perfect tuning in a way that’s easily visible even on a dimly lit stage. A large dial makes it easy to choose the mode you need to use. Using the stand located on the back, you can conveniently place the GT-120 upright on your amp or other surface while practicing.

Product Reviews on Korg GT-120 Tuner

The Korg GT-120 is a dedicated guitar and bass tuner that supports tuning for seven string guitars and six string basses. It offers a dual display that is a combination of a needle type indicator with an easy to read back lit LCD screen. It also gives you the option of choosing from two tuning modes: auto or manual.

Korg tuners are known world wide for their products accuracy and superb functionality, and Korg GT-120 is no exception. Many are satisfied with this tuners performance. It is very accurate and responsive. They also find the tuners quick tune setting to be great. Most people think that Korg GT-120 is a good tuner for its price.

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