Korg GB1RD Pitchjack Plug-in Chromatic Tuner for Guitar and Bass Red

Korg GB1RD Folding Keychain/Pocket Tuner
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Product Description

Highly portable, the folding design Pitch jack is a versatile guitar and bass tuner. With Pitch jack, you can tune seven string guitars and six string basses. Flat tunings allow you to drop down up to seven semitones below original pitch. A single CR2032 provides up to 35 hours of continuous tuner use. The unique design allows you to keep your Pitch jack close at hand – in your pocket, on a keychain, or even on your gig-bag’s zipper pull. The LED flashlight is great for checking your amp and effect settings on a dark stage. Available in Red, White and Black

Product Reviews on Korg GB1RD

Many people have found the Korg GB1RD tuner to be a very great tuner. Some even see it as a dream tuner. This tuner is pocket friendly and convenient to use.

The tuner has a flat tuning mode that allows you to tune seven semitones below original pitch. It features a LED flash light for on stage illumination. It can also tune 7 string guitars and 6 string bass.

The Korg GB1RD works very nice for guitar and bass. Its simple and portable design allows you to attach this tuner to your key chain or fit your pocket. For a player who needs a tuner and does a lot of travelling, this unit may just be the thing for you. It may be small but its packed with features that will definitely supply your tuning needs. For tuning that needs speed, the Kors GB1RD may be the best choice.

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