Korg GA-40 Large Display Guitar and Bass Tuner

Korg GA40 Large Display Guitar and Bass Tuner
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The Korg GA-40 is a dedicated, easy-to-operate guitar and bass tuner with automatic pitch detection. A large, easy-to-see, LCD needle-style display.  Quinta-Flat Tuning mode allows dropped tunings from one to five semitones.
Supports tuning of seven-string guitars and six-string basses

Product Reviews on Korg GA-40 Tuner

The Korg GA-40 is a dedicated guitar and bass tuner that features a large, easy to see, needle type display. Like most of Korg’s  products, this tuner offers users with a high level of accuracy. It also supports tuning for seven string guitars and six string basses. This tuner has a quinta-flat tuning mode that offers user dropped tunings of up to five semitones below standard pitch.

The Korg GA-40 is a simple and accurate tuner that can compete with other expensive tuners. This tuner is good for practice sessions. And if you have a guitar, this tuner is one of the best options there is for tuning. Many people like the Korg GA-40 for its price and what it does. With this tuner, it is hard to get wrong.

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