Korg GA1 Guitar Tuner w/ 5 Bonus Esteban Guitar Instruction DVDs

Korg GA1 Guitar Tuner w/ 5 Bonus Guitar Instruction DVDs
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The Korg GA1 tuner is a dedicated guitar/bass tuner. It has a high-sensitive built in mic which helps make tuning easier and accurate. This specifically designed for guitar and bass tuner gives you the option of choosing between guitar mode or bass mode for an easier operation.

The Korg GA1 is compacted with many features such as a pitch reference tone and a quinta-flat tuning. The usual guitar tuner can support a maximum of 4 semitones below standard pitch, Korg GA1 extends to as far as 5 semitones below standard pitch. This tuner can tune any guitar or bass accurately. This ultra-compact, LCD needle style tuner packs all the basic functions for convenient tuning.

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