Korg GA-30 Guitar Tuner

Korg GA-30 Guitar and Bass Tuner
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High accuracy and superb functionality have made Korg tuners the worldwide favorite. And now, the new GA-30 joins the best-selling GA series of tuners. With even more features, like a pitch reference tone and quinta-flat tuning, the GA-30 tuner packs basic functionality and convenient tuning functions into ultra-compact bodies.

An Easy-to-Use Dedicated Guitar and Bass Tuner
This dedicated guitar/bass tuner lets you select either Guitar mode or Bass mode for truly easy operation with automatically detected pitch. The wide detection range supports 7-string guitar (7B through 1E) in Guitar mode, and 6-string bass (Low-B, Hi-C) in Bass mode. A high-sensitivity mic is built-in, allowing easy and accurate tuning of acoustic guitars.

Ultra-compact Body with a “Tilt Slit”
Although the GA-30 is small, thin, and light, don’t let its pocket-sized body fool you. The GA-30 can accurately tune any guitar or bass. From studio to stage, tuning is easy and convenient. The back of the unit includes a unique arc-shaped “tilt slit” that lets you insert a plastic card for use as a handy stand.

Product Reviews on Korg GA-30 Guitar Tuner

Korg’s GA-30 Guitar Tuner, like any Korg tuners, is know for its high accuracy and superb functionality. This tuner supports a wide tuning range. It covers 7 string guitars and six string bass. It also has a pitch reference tone and a quinta flat tuning.

Many people are amazed by the tuning capabilities of Korg GA-30. This small, thin and light tuner packs with it many features that will definitely fulfill your tuning needs. Some people find it effective even when tuning in noisy environments.

Korg GA-30 Guitar tuner is one tuner that you will never be disappointed in buying. It’s convenient, easy to use, provides high accuracy and offer superb functionality. This tuner may be small but its pack with almost everything you need for an easy and accurate tuning.

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