Korg DT-10BR Digital Chromatic Tuner Pedal

[DISCONTINUED] Korg DT10BR Digital Chromatic Tuner Pedal
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Product Description

The KORG DT-10 Digital Foot Pedal Tuner is quickly becoming a standard in Korg’s wide range of guitar and bass products! Known for their accuracy and versatility, they are incredibly true and accurate for such a low priced tuner. It features an LED-type meter for rapid response and accurate detection, guaranteeing stable tuning. The 16-segment note display provides excellent visibility even on a dark stage, and the rugged body is designed for years of tough use. (Power Supply Sold Separately)

Product Reviews on Korg DT-10BR

The Korg DT-10BR tuner is a floor type chromatic tuner optimized for guitar and bass players. The 16 segment display provides this tuner with excellent visibility even when performing on dark stages. This digital tuner may look simple but it is designed to be stable. Its tough, solid body provides stability during intense live performances. With this said about the tuner, it’s safe to say that it is very suitable for on stage use.

The tuner has many cool features like the led type meter, which indicates the difference between the reference pitch and input signal, and the adjustable cable setting, which help accommodate different reference pitches.

For on stage rock-star performers, Korg DT-10BR tuner is definitely for you. This tuner is fast, accurate, versatile, stable, has excellent visibility and best of all, it is sold at a low price.

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