Korg DT7 Chromatic Tuner

Korg DT7 Digital Guitar/Bass Tuner featuring Buzz Feiten Tuning
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Product Description

Chromatic Tuner. Made by Korg.

The DT7 is the first dedicated guitar and bass tuner to feature the “Buzz Feiten Tuning System” – a world-wide first!

Features include:
- Two types of tuning mode can be selected: chromatic (for tuning normally tuned instruments) or Buzz Feiten.(To find out more technical information and which artists are using the Buzz Feiten Tuning System, visit: www.buzzfeiten.com)
- Large LED-type meter and seven-segment note display ensure optimal visibility, making this the perfect choice for any guitarist or bassist.
- Wide tuning range [A0 (27.50 Hz) to B7 (3,951.07 Hz)], allows tuning of a wide variety of instruments including five and six-string basses.
- Compact, easy-to-view design, stable even when placed on an amp.
- Buffer amp between the INPUT jack and BYPASS jack eliminates any tonal coloration.
- A convenient Sound Out mode.
- Built-in mic allows use with acoustic guitars
- Calibration: Manual (A4=438Hz-445Hz), Auto (428Hz-452Hz)
- Connections: Input/Bypass (Sound Out)/Mute/DC9Vin
- Batteries: 1 x AAA size manganese battery
- Battery life: 12 hours
- Dimensions: 6.65″(W) x 1.71″(H) x 2.48″(D)
- Weight: 0.39 lbs. (Including battery)

Product Reviews on Korg DT7 Tuner

The Korg DT7 is a dedicated guitar and bass tuner that features the buzz feiten tuning system, a worldwide first. The buzz feiten tuning system maybe the best innovation on modern guitar and bass since pickups. This tuner has a large LED type meter and seven segment note display that insures any user with optimal visibility. The easy to read LEDs and mute capability offers on-stage performers a quick tuning reference.

The Korg DT7 tuner is a dream to have in your effect case or in your signal chain. This tuner is easy to use, reads and delivers dead on results with the added benefit of being able to tune buzz feiten enabled guitars. Many people highly recommend the use of Korg DT7 tuner.

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