Korg CA-40 Large Display Auto Chromatic Tuner

Korg CA40 Large Display Auto Chromatic Tuner
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The Korg CA40 Chromatic Tuner is a great value – with superior features like a large, easy-to-see, LCD needle-style display! The pocket-sized CA-40 features a refined design with a stand on the back that lets you place the tuner on any surface. With a wide range that covers A0 (27.50 Hz) – C8 (4186.01Hz), you can tune a variety of instruments with the CA-40, including wind, string, and keyboard instruments. Dimensions: 3.94(W) x 2.64(D) x 0.67 inches (H) Weight: 0.19 lbs. (88 g) (Including batteries) Included Items: Two AAA batteries.

Product Reviews on Korg CA-40 Tuner

The Korg CA-40 tuner is a chromatic tuner, ideal for use with bass band or orchestra. This tuner has a calibration function that accommodates a variety of concert pitches. This function lets you adjust the pitch in 1hz steps over a range of 410-480 hz, giving you the flexibility to tune any song or key accurately. It also has a large and readable high-precision LCD needle-type meter.

The Korg CA-40 is a tuner that people find to be satisfactory. The tuner works fine and is worth the money you pay for it. This is a great, little, simple and accurate device that can sustain your tuning needs. The Korg CA-40 is great for beginning/intermediate string players and is truly an excellent tuner.

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