Korg CA-30 Chromatic Guitar Tuner

Korg CA-30 Chromatic Guitar/Violin/Bass/Mandolin Tuner
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Product Description

Chromatic Tuner with 1/4 inch input and built in microphone.

Product Reviews on Korg CA-30

The Korg CA-30 is a chromatic guitar tuner with a large LCD display that offers the users with good visibility. It has a highly sensitive built in microphone for tuning acoustic instruments. This tuner can quickly determine the note name and range of any kind of musical instruments. It offers a wide range of pitch detection that meets the needs of any situation.

Most people find the Korg CA-30 to be a very great tuner. Others say that this tuner is particularly good if you need to tune down to 415 to 420 for early music. The Korg CA-30 is a very nice and accurate tuner.  The product is offered at a very affordable price. For the features and qualities that this product posses, the price for it is considerably cheap.

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