Korg BA40 Tuner for Bluegrass Instruments

Korg BA40 Bluegrass Tuner for Mandolin, Fiddle, Banjo and Resonator Guitar
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Product Title Dedicated Bluegrass Tuner Product TeaserKorg’s BA-40 Bluegrass tuner makes quick work of tuning your mandolin, fiddle, banjo and resonator guitar – plus guitar and bass. Input and output jacks allow the tuner to be placed in-line between the instrument and amplifier. Or, rely on the built-in microphone and built-in speaker for tuning acoustically. Product Block Copy Bluegrass music and bluegrass instruments require their own special tunings. Settings for banjo, mandolin, fiddle, resonator guitar – plus traditional guitar and bass – are preset. The sharp/flat key transposes the pitch in half-steps, allowing you to tune your instrument while keeping the capo on. For the electric player, input and output jacks allow the tuner to be in-line between the instrument and amplifier. For the acoustic player, the BA-40 can generate audible tones to tune to; and can listen to your tuning thru the built-in mic. Highly accurate, sensitive to +/- 1 cent.

Product Reviews on Korg BA40 tuner:

People find the Korg BA40 tuner very helpful in tuning bluegrass instruments such as banjo, fiddle and mandolin. And like any other Korg tuners, this one tunes your instrument with great accuracy. This is made possible by the LCD meter display that provides an accuracy of better than +/-1 cent.

The Korg BA40 has many features that make tuning bluegrass instruments easier. It supports perfect fifths for fiddle tuning and allows you to adjust the pitch in half step notes for sharp/flat tunings, which is common in bluegrass instruments. It has excellent visibility on stage and easy to use functionality. Its compact size and sleek design makes this tuner very handy and cool. The Korg BA40 has a built in stand which allows it to be used in an upright position providing users with convenience.

For any bluegrass instrument players, Korg BA-40 is one of the best tuners there is to use.

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