Korg AW2G Clip-on Chromatic Guitar Tuner

Korg AW2G Clip-On Chromatic Guitar Tuner
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The AW-1 was a top-selling model that has been popular with musicians of wide-ranging genres for its superb functionality and convenience. The new AW-2 Chromatic Tuner enhances this basic concept by adding the flexibility of an adjustable angle for the display section, enhanced visibility from the built-in backlight, and improved fit to your instrument, allowing the performer to tune in a natural position. The new AW-2G adds a clip that’s optimized for a guitar. With the AW-2/AW-2G, you’ll be ready for stress-free tuning in any situations. The tuner display section and the clip section are connected by a double ball joint that provides a broader range of left/right/up/down movement, dramatically increasing the range of adjustment. Even in cases where it was difficult to view the AW1, the AW2 makes it easy to adjust the display section for easy viewing, allowing you to tune in a natural position.

Product Reviews on Korg AW2G Tuner

The Korg AW2G is a clip on chromatic tuner that offers high accuracy and superb functionality. The clip on of this tuner has piezo pick up technology which detect the vibration of your instrument giving it the advantage of accurately tuning your instrument even in noisy environments.

Korg AW2G is somehow similar to Korg AW-1 and AW-2. This unit has all the features that its predecessor possess.  However, this unit has an additional clip on that is optimized for a guitar. This unit is the latest of the AW series.

Stress free tuning in any situation is possible with Korg AW2G. This tuner has enhanced visibility and allows the performer to tune in a natural position.

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