Korg AW-1 Compact Clip-On Chromatic String and Wind Tuner

Korg AW1 Compact Clip-On Chromatic String and Wind Tuner
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Korg AW1 Clip On Acoustic and Wind Instrument Tuner The Korg AW1 is a compact, lightweight tuner, which provides quick, accurate, auto-chromatic tuning of traditional band and orchestra instruments, as well as acoustic guitar and bass. You can attach this ultra-lightweight chromatic tuner to your acoustic guitar or other string or wind instrument for easy and accurate tuning. The AW1 has a piezo pickup and a built-in microphone for reliable pitch detection. Other features include marks to indicate pure major or minor third intervals, a Meter Reverse function that lets you invert the display, adjustable calibration, and Auto Power Off battery conservation.

Product Reviews on Korg AW-1 Clip on Tuner

People have used this Korg AW-1 tuner for all kinds of different instruments, and have found it very accurate. This tuner, works with great precision and accuracy on a variety of instruments, from strings to horns.

The clip on of this tuner has piezo pickup technology which detect the vibration of your instrument giving it the advantage of accurately tuning your instrument even if the surrounding is noisy. You can use it even when another instrument is playing beside you and it still provides an accurate tuning.

Many people have found Korg AW-1 easy to use. Specs like meter reverse function and adjustable calibration, help make this tuner very convenient. It is light, compact and it provides quick and accurate tuning. To add to that, it has auto power-off battery conservation which help prolong battery life span.

Some consider this clip on tuner as one of the most accurate tuners there is. Many would highly recommend this convenient, little tuner.

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