Intelli Guitar Tuners

Intelli Guitar TunersMost of Intelli guitar tuners are clip-on tuners. Although they also manufacture other types of tuners, this brand is popularly known for their clip-on tuners. One tuner in particular is the Intelli IMT500. This clip-on chromatic digital tuner is designed to tune acoustic guitars, basses, mandolins, and violins without interference from noise. This is made possible by the tuners clamp that picks up the tuners vibration instead of relying on its sound.

If you are not a fan of clip-on tuners, then we recommend the Intelli IMT-101. This tuner combines guitar and bass tuning in a compact and slim body for portable use. It has a wide LCD display that is very visible even in not so well lighted environments.

In our view, when you are picking a tuner, you have to consider how you are going to use it. For instance, if you are looking for a tuner that doesn’t have to rely on the instruments sound, then we recommend Intelli IMT500 and Intelli IMT600. This tuners have clamps that detect vibration and it doesn’t rely on sound. Another clip-on tuner that works well in noisy environments is the Intelli IMT900. Most clip-on tuners pick up the instruments vibration instead of its sound, but what makes the IMT900 unique is the transposing mode that allows band instruments to read directly in the key of C.

For a great all around clip-on tuner, we recommend the Intelli PT1 Intellitouch . This tuner uses the latest in digital technology to adjust the tuning reference to any frequency you want.

Popular Intelli guitar tuners include: