How to tune a bass guitar

If you want to know how to tune a bass guitar then this is the article that you are looking for. A standard bass guitar only has 4 strings.  The standard tuning for 4 stringed bass guitars is EADG. This type of tuning can be used in almost all forms of music, and most songs are played in standard tuning. But because of the advancements of the different genres of music, manufacturers have come up with 5 string and 6 string bass guitar models. For 5 stringed bass guitars, standard tuning is bEADG, and for 6 stringed bass guitar, standard tuning is EADGBe. Here are some steps on how to tune a bass guitar.

Steps on how to tune a bass guitar

Interested in knowing how to tune a bass guitar? Pro bass guitar players tune their bass with the help of their hearing senses only. Beginners however, have to tune their guitar with the help of an electronic bass guitar tuner.

The first step in tuning your bass guitar is to know how it should sound like. You need to know the sound of the notes EADG. Next is to find out which string is out of tune. This can be accomplished by playing the scales on the bass. An out of tune string would normally not fit into the scale. The next step is to find the note of the out of tune string on the rest of the fret board. You then have to adjust the out of tune string so that it wound sound like what it is suppose to. After that, the next step depends entirely on the players hearing senses.

Tuning a bass guitar with the use of your hearing senses is not 100% accurate. Developing an ear for the tone is very difficult, but with constant practice, it gets easier over time.

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