Electric Guitar Tuner

Korg Electric Guitar Tuner An electric guitar tuner is one of the easiest ways to tune your instrument. They compare the pitch to the one produced when you pluck a string on the guitar. Being in tune is one of the most critical things to a good performance. A player might be good, a piece might be well constructed but, if your instrument is out of tune, any composition played will definitely sound bad. There are many ways to ensure that an electric guitar is in tune, from using an electric guitar tuner to using an online electric guitar tuner. There functions and designs may be different but they serve the same purpose, to get you guitar in tune.

Electric Guitar Tuner Options

Tuning by ear takes some practice, so a good option to tune your guitar, for starters, is to buy an electronic guitar tuner. Decent electric guitar tuners can be purchased from $10-$20. These are handheld tuners that are easy to carry around and they work in situations where noise is a factor for hearing the actual guitar. For performing guitarists, we recommend that you invest a bit more on a tuner, one of the pedal or rack versions. This type of  electric guitar tuners are slightly more accurate, but more importantly can mute the guitar allowing the guitarist to tune their guitar in the middle of a song. The mute ensures that the audience is not blasted by the sound of the tuning process. Also, look for an electric guitar tuner that has chromatic note detection. With chromatic note detection, you will be able to tune your instrument to any note, not just standard tuning. If you are looking for a very good electric guitar tuner, look for something that is a pedal tuner and at the same time a chromatic tuner. But if you are short of cash, you can try using our free online guitar tuner.

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