BOSS TU-2 Chromatic Tuner Pedal

BOSS TU-2 Stage Tuner
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Stage Tuner. Made by Boss.

The BOSS TU-2 Chromatic Tuner incorporates BOSS’ world renowned TU-Series tuner technology into an ultra-convenient stompbox design. For the first time ever, guitarists and bassists can now tune their instruments with BOSS accuracy with just a single stomp.

BOSS world-renown TU-Series tuner accuracy in a convenient stompbox design
Mute/Bypass select for silent tuning with a single stomp
11-point LED indicators and new “stream” meter display tuning discrepancy via speed and direction of LED’s (speed of LED movement gets slower as pitch becomes more accurate)
7-segment LED displays string and note names; easily visible on dark stages
Seven easy tuning modes include Chromatic, Guitar Regular, Guitar Flat, Guitar Double Flat, Bass Regular, Bass Flat, Bass Double Flat
Tuning mode setting and display style choice stored in memory
Adjustable reference pitch from 438 to 445Hz
Footswitchable Tuner Off mode preserves battery life by disabling LED’s

Product Reviews on Boss TU-2 Tuner

The Boss TU-2 stage tuner is a chromatic tuner that offers any user the accuracy and convenience that they seek to satisfy their tuning needs. This tuner has seven easy tuning modes which include chromatic, guitar regular, guitar flat, guitar double flat, bass regular, bass double flat. It also has a mute/bypass that is suitable for silent tuning with a single stomp.

Many people say that the Boss TU-12 stage tuner is a very good product. It is a great tuner for both performance and rehearsals. This tuner is very durable and its bound to last long. This units price might be expensive, but think of it as an investment. The Boss TU-2 stage tuner will definitely support your tuning needs and you’ll never be sorry you bought it.

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