Boss TU-3 Chromatic Guitar & Bass Pedal Tuner

Boss TU-3 US Chromatic Tuner, Convenient Pedal-Based w/21-segment LED meter
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Product Description

You need this pedal. Period. Whether you play acoustic guitar, electric guitar, or bass, you need to be in tune. No amount of friends in the crowd will save you from bombing if you’re up there making a fool out of yourself because you’re obviously out of tune and unprofessional. Think of Boss’s TU-3 tuner pedal as your best friend onstage. It’s stupid-easy to use, it’s easy to see even in bright sunlight, and it’s built to keep you sounding good for years to come. You get all kinds of modes that let you tailor the TU-3 for your particular setup.

Product Reviews on Boss TU-3 Tuner

The Boss Tu-3 is a new and improved gadget based on one of the world’s top selling on stage tuner, the boss TU-2. It features a 21 segment LED meter display that has brightness control and also has a high-brightness mode that enhances the meters visibility outdoors. This is a dedicated guitar and bass tuner that also supports tuning for seven string guitars and six string basses.

People say that the Boss TU-2 chromatic tuner is the best tuner to use for live performances. It gives the guitarist the advantage to switch guitars quickly without the unplugging sound. Boss TU-3 is a simple, great tuner that makes tuning smooth and effortless. Boss TU-3 is definitely worth the money you pay for it.

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