Boss Guitar Tuners

Boss Guitar TunersBoss guitar tuners are beloved by musicians and sound engineers around the world for their reliability, accuracy and user friendliness. The TU-12 has been an industry standard since 1983. At present, the family of boss tuners melds the essence of the TU-12 with modern technology in a variety of models. Tuners like the Boss TU-12H is based on the TU-12  model. This chromatic tuner can support tuning for a variety of instruments including guitar, bass, woodwind, brass and ethnic instruments.

Boss has a wide selection of tuners that would support your tuning needs. In our view, when you’re looking for a tuner, you need to consider how you’re going to be using it. If you’re looking for a tuner that works well for tuning electric guitars, we recommend the Boss TU-1000. This tuner also works well for on-stage performances. For on the go guitar and bass players, the Boss TU-88 might just be the tuner for you. This small, featured-packed tuner easily fits into a gig bag and provides very accurate tuning. For on-stage performers, try the Boss TU-3 tuner. This is one of the world’s top selling stage tuners.

Popular Boss Guitar Tuners include: