Bass Guitar Tuner Online

Here is a bass guitar tuner online that is initially set for standard EADG tuning. This is a free bass guitar tuner online that you can use to tune your 4-stringed bass guitar. If you need a different tuning, there are other note sounds available which you can choose to adjust the note to your liking. There are also presets available for you to choose from. A bass guitar tuner online is a viable option, if you don’t have any digital bass guitar tuner. This tuner however, is only good for tuning by ear. But, it would help you greatly in getting an ear for the tune.

How to use Bass Guitar Tuner Online

To tune your bass guitar, you need to know what tuning you want to be in. This is initially set for 4-stringed standard EADG tuning. If you want to be in standard tune, then you don’t have to change any of the notes. If  you want a different tuning, then try some of the presets. You can also adjust the notes manually. Once you set the notes in which you want your bass guitar to be in tuned to, click on the buttons one at a time and tune your corresponding guitar string to the note. Make several passes on each string to make sure that it is already in tune. It saves you the time of having to go back and tune the same string over again. After going through all the strings, then your good to go. You can now start playing with your bass guitar.

Click here to use the bass guitar tuner online

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