Digital Guitar Tuner Reviews

Digital Guitar TunerUsing a digital guitar tuner is the easiest way to tune your guitar – bar none. Yes, you can tune up by ear, or with a tuning fork, or by listening to someone plunk a note on a piano, or by many other means, but no other tuning method is as reliable and easy to use as a digital guitar tuner.

Some of the greatest things about using a digital guitar tuner:

  • You can use it while an atomic bomb is going off just behind you (in other words, the rest of the band is warming up!)
  • You can use it to tune alternate non-standard tunings with ease.
  • You can change the pitch of your tuning – just to infuriate anyone trying to play along with your recording, or to get that specific tone you’re looking for.
  • You can keep it plugged in while you play, for quick and ready access whenever you need it.

Get the point? Digital guitar tuners are just plain cool. AND – not to be downplayed – at today’s prices, you can hardly afford NOT to get one. A very good digital guitar tuner might run you somewhere between $15 to $30, which is extremely reasonable considering the benefit you gain.

So have a look around our site, and when you find the digital guitar tuner that is perfect for you, go ahead and treat yourself!

Best Acoustic Guitar Tuner

Learning to tune your guitar is one very  important skill to learn for beginners and choosing the best acoustic guitar tuner is a great way to get you started. Tuning is important, since you can only go further with your skills if your instrument is properly tuned. There are many ways of tuning the guitar, such as tuning by ear, using an acoustic guitar tuner, or an online acoustic guitar tuner. If you are still learning to play the acoustic guitar as a beginner, it is advised that you use an electrical acoustic guitar tuner to tune your guitar. Through this, you will be acquainted with the precise tuning and sounds on all strings.

Choosing the Best Acoustic Guitar Tuner

People usually think that all acoustic guitar tuners are the same, but unfortunately, that is not the case. Guitar tuners are designed specifically for one task and that is to tune your guitar. But, not all of them provide the same quality of tuning in different environments. Some tuners can’t function well in noisy environments, some can work even with the noise, some are good for practices and some are perfect for on stage performances. Choosing the best acoustic guitar tuner depends on how you are going to be using it. You wouldn’t want to go buying a guitar tuner thats only good for practices if you normally play on stage, right? Consider this factor in choosing the best acoustic guitar tuner for you.

Acoustic Guitar Tuners

Acoustic guitar tuners come in all shapes and sizes. But no matter what they look like, they are made for one purpose, and that is to make tuning easier and faster. All of the guitar tuners can fairly tune your instrument. But, there are those acoustic guitar tuners that stand out from others. Some may be more accurate, but they cost more. Some may be cheap, but they offer lesser functions. And there are those that cost less, but at the same provide you with functions for easier, faster and accurate tuning.

In our view, in choosing the best acoustic guitar tuner out there, you should consider how you are going to be using it. For example, if your going to tune in noisy environments, its best to use a clip on tuner. With this type of acoustic guitar tuner, you would no longer have to depend on your guitars sound. Its clamp would pick up the vibrations of your guitar string. Some acoustic guitar tuners work better in a particular situation than others. So basically, picking the best guitar tuner would depend on where and how you are going to be using it.

List of Acoustic Guitar Tuners

Here are some of the most popular acoustic guitar tuner brands in the market. This would give you lots of options to choose from. Start choosing the best acoustic guitar tuner that would suit you perfectly.


Acoustic Guitar Tuner Online

Here is an acoustic guitar tuner online that you can use to tune up your guitar. You can use this to tune any type of  guitar that has 6 strings, whether it may be acoustic, electric and even classical. This acoustic guitar tuner online gives you accurate tones for each open string of a standard acoustic guitar that you can use to accurately tune your guitar. Though it only provides tuning for standard EADGBE guitar tuning, you can be assured that the tones generated is what your guitar is suppose to sound like. If your looking for something better to work with, a portable acoustic guitar tuner maybe what your looking for. It will provide you with more functions that make tuning easier and faster. But if you are short of cash, this acoustic tuner online is a great way to tune your guitar.

How to use this Acoustic Guitar Tuner Online

This acoustic guitar tuner online is very easy to use. Simply click the icon corresponding to the string that you want to tune and adjust the tension on that string to make it sound like the tone provide by the online tuner. Do this to all of the 6 strings of your guitar and you’re good to go. Click here to use this online guitar tuner.

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Online Acoustic Guitar Tuner

One way of tuning your acoustic guitar is with the use of an online acoustic guitar tuner. With an online acoustic guitar tuner, you’ll have a reference to what your guitar strings should sound like. It is a web-based tool that generates tones for each of your guitar strings, and this tones would serve as a basis for tuning your guitar by ear. If you’re looking for something that’s faster and more accurate, then you better buy a portable acoustic guitar tuner. However, if your short in cash, an online acoustic guitar tuner is just what you’re looking for.

Free Online Acoustic Guitar Tuner

Looking for a free online acoustic guitar tuner? If you’re reading this then this might be your lucky day. The geison interactive is a cool, little utility to help you tune your guitar by ear. It provides you with the standard EADGBE tuning. It’s the most widely used online acoustic guitar tuner.

Although an online acoustic guitar tuner is a good tuner to use, many would highly recommend the use of acoustic guitar tuners compared to this one. But nevertheless, this tuner will still tune your acoustic guitar if used properly. To use this online acoustic guitar tuner, click on the link below.

Click here to use Geison Interactive Tuner

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Acoustic Guitar Tuner

Tuning an acoustic guitar by ear is a very important skill for any guitarist to learn. However, it takes more time compared to tuning via an acoustic guitar tuner. The time you spent tuning your guitar by ear could have been spent playing your instrument. And if you are a beginner, there is a big possibility that you’ll get your guitar out of tune, which will eventually result in a bad performance. Using an acoustic guitar tuner is the most accurate and effective way to tune your guitar. It is a must have tool if you seek fast and accurate tuning, specially for beginners.

Advantage of an Acoustic Guitar Tuner

Although tuning by ear gives you the luxury of not using any money to tune your guitar, it takes a lot of time and there is a great chance to get out of tune. There are two types of acoustic guitar tuners: an online guitar tuner and a portable digital guitar tuner. An online guitar tuner is only good for tuning by ear. But with this tuner, you’ll have a reference to what the strings of your acoustic guitar should sound like. With a portable guitar tuner, you’ll have access to special functions, like a clip-on tuner’s vibration sensor, that would allow you to tune you guitar faster and easier. As we all know, any job is easier with help. An acoustic guitar tuner is a very helpful tool in making tuning less stressful. For a list of acoustic guitar tuners, click on the links below to select the tuner of your choice.

Acoustic Guitar Tuner brands:

How to tune a bass guitar

If you want to know how to tune a bass guitar then this is the article that you are looking for. A standard bass guitar only has 4 strings.  The standard tuning for 4 stringed bass guitars is EADG. This type of tuning can be used in almost all forms of music, and most songs are played in standard tuning. But because of the advancements of the different genres of music, manufacturers have come up with 5 string and 6 string bass guitar models. For 5 stringed bass guitars, standard tuning is bEADG, and for 6 stringed bass guitar, standard tuning is EADGBe. Here are some steps on how to tune a bass guitar.

Steps on how to tune a bass guitar

Interested in knowing how to tune a bass guitar? Pro bass guitar players tune their bass with the help of their hearing senses only. Beginners however, have to tune their guitar with the help of an electronic bass guitar tuner.

The first step in tuning your bass guitar is to know how it should sound like. You need to know the sound of the notes EADG. Next is to find out which string is out of tune. This can be accomplished by playing the scales on the bass. An out of tune string would normally not fit into the scale. The next step is to find the note of the out of tune string on the rest of the fret board. You then have to adjust the out of tune string so that it wound sound like what it is suppose to. After that, the next step depends entirely on the players hearing senses.

Tuning a bass guitar with the use of your hearing senses is not 100% accurate. Developing an ear for the tone is very difficult, but with constant practice, it gets easier over time.

Bass Guitar Tuning

There are many ways to tune your bass guitar, you can use a digital bass guitar tuner, and online bass guitar tuner or you can simply tune by ear; Bass guitar tuning is not that hard but you need to practice it just like any other musical skill. With time and a lot of practice, you’ll be able to tune your bass without even thinking about it.

Online bass guitar tuning

Using an online bass guitar tuner is a good way to tune your bass if you don’t have any digital bass guitar tuner available. Online bass guitar tuning may take some time to get used to, but with practice, it get easier. An online bass guitar tuner provides you with note sounds that would serve a basis to what your bass guitar strings should sound like. This type of tuner is only good for tuning by ear, but it would greatly help you develop an ear for the tone, and tuning your guitar by ear is very important for a bassist to learn.

Bass Guitar Tuning using digital guitar tuners

The fastest and easiest for bass guitar tuning is with the help of a bass guitar tuner. There are many digital guitar tuners out there, and choosing one that would best suit you is crucial. A bass guitar tuner offers you with more functions compared to an online bass guitar tuner. This gadgets are designed for accurate and quick tuning. For any professional musician out there, a digital bass guitar tuner is a very helpful tool that they must have to be able to tune their bass guitar quickly and accurately.

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Bass Guitar Tuner Online

Here is a bass guitar tuner online that is initially set for standard EADG tuning. This is a free bass guitar tuner online that you can use to tune your 4-stringed bass guitar. If you need a different tuning, there are other note sounds available which you can choose to adjust the note to your liking. There are also presets available for you to choose from. A bass guitar tuner online is a viable option, if you don’t have any digital bass guitar tuner. This tuner however, is only good for tuning by ear. But, it would help you greatly in getting an ear for the tune.

How to use Bass Guitar Tuner Online

To tune your bass guitar, you need to know what tuning you want to be in. This is initially set for 4-stringed standard EADG tuning. If you want to be in standard tune, then you don’t have to change any of the notes. If  you want a different tuning, then try some of the presets. You can also adjust the notes manually. Once you set the notes in which you want your bass guitar to be in tuned to, click on the buttons one at a time and tune your corresponding guitar string to the note. Make several passes on each string to make sure that it is already in tune. It saves you the time of having to go back and tune the same string over again. After going through all the strings, then your good to go. You can now start playing with your bass guitar.

Click here to use the bass guitar tuner online

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Bass Guitar Tuners

Bass Guitar Tuners comes in all shapes and sizes. They may be different in many aspects, but they are all made for one purpose, to tune your bass guitar. For any beginner, tuning a bass guitar is a very difficult task. But with practice, it becomes easier as time goes by. A well tuned bass guitar would obviously sound better. If you are not good at tuning your bass guitar by ear, then a bass guitar tuner is the perfect tool for you. With a bass guitar tuner, tuning is faster and easier. But if you don’t have anything like it, then you might try an online bass guitar tuner.

Best Bass Guitar Tuners

All tuners will tune your bass guitar equally well but the best bass guitar tuners lend themselves well to certain situations. The boss chromatic tuner and metronome for example, it is one of the best all around guitar/bass tuner in the industry. This tuner can handle almost everything. It can even tune 7 string guitars and 5 sting basses. Some guitar players use the Korg TM-40 because of tis additional features, but some prefer the Korg  GA-40 because of its efficiency in getting the job done. The best guitar tuner should be applicable to the situation you are in, and most of all it should be able to give you the perfect pitch.

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List of Bass Guitar Tuner brands:


Online Bass Guitar Tuner

The best way to tune your bass guitar is with the help of a real digital bass guitar tuner; However, if you don’t have anything like it available or if you are looking for a bass guitar tuner that is for free, an online bass guitar tuner is a good option. Tuning your bass guitar is one of the most important things beginning bass guitar players need to learn. It is the first step to successful bass guitar playing. A properly tuned bass guitar will always sound better, and this online bass guitar tuner will be a very helpful tool to help you learn how to tune you bass guitar.

How to use this free Online Bass Guitar Tuner

Tuning your guitar is a process that takes time to learn, but gets easier with practice. With the help of this online guitar tuner, you will eventually develop an ear for the right tone.

This free online guitar tuner is initially set for EADG standard bass guitar tuning for 4 stringed bass guitars. If you need a different tuning, you can adjust the notes to your liking or use the tuning presets. To use this online bass guitar tuner, simply click the icon that corresponds to the string you wish to tune. Once you feel like you bass guitar sounds like the note sound provided by the online bass guitar tuner, click on stop and move to the next string you wish to tune. Basically, this tuner is only good for tuning by ear. If you are looking for something more versatile, there are many bass guitar tuners out there that would offer you with functions for faster and more accurate tuning.

Click here to use this Online bass guitar tuner